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It is our mission to elevate university-wide strategic cooperation, support the branding of the University, and foster global and mainland partnerships for the new era.

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Global Cooperation

Adhering to HKBU’s positioning as a global university, and one of the top research-led liberal arts institutions, our primary objective is to push the boundaries of education and cooperation globally while facilitating the cultural exchange between the East and the West and showcasing the University's commitment to academic and research excellence.​

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Mainland Collaboration

We are committed to serving as a bridge between HKBU and the governments, universities and institutions in the Mainland, exploring new opportunities for academic research and interdisciplinary cooperation, and assisting the University in laying a solid foundation for further exchange and development in Mainland China.

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Networking & Branding

We strive to build an original and leading platform that provides real-time updates and information on HKBU while monitoring the public opinions. This platform will also play a key role in promoting the HKBU brand in Hong Kong, the Mainland and worldwide.

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Creative Community

We will design exclusive souvenirs that manifest HKBU's ethos and inclusive ambiance, inspiring the HKBU fellows, alumni and partners.

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Resources Hub

We will work closely with University senior management, faculty members and administrative offices of HKBU, and external parties to explore better approaches and present a co-creative platform focused on innovation and efficiency.

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